It's time to live YOUR best life!


  1. $500 Grand Prize!
    At the end of the 60 day transformation challenge a vote will be held to determine the Grand Prize winner!
  2. Free Shirt!
    At the end of completing the challenge, all participants enrolled through Shredded Meals will receive a Special Edition 2019 Shredded Meals Transformation T-Shirt.
  3. Discounts!
    As a participant you will receive a discount on meal packages through your 60 day transformation!
  4. Weekly Tips
    Are you new to fitness and nutrition? We are here to help with tips during your fitness journey. There are so many misconceptions about fitness and nutrition. Our goal is to help make the process as easy as possible for you to get the results you deserve.
  5. Weekly Motivation
    How many times have you said you want to change? How many times have you fallen off track? (We have several times) We will help motivate you to keep you on track. This time you will see the change you want!
  6. Weekly Support
    Our goal is to help you succeed. We will help keep you on track with quick weekly check-ins and bi-weekly follow-ups by phone to help with any struggles you have. We've been there and we want to help you transform!

Dates & Pricing

- Early Bird Enrollment Deadline: 12/31/18  (Only $59) 
- Final Enrollment Deadline: 1/6/18 ($79)
- "Before" pictures can be submitted from 1/6/19 - 1/12/19
- Contest Dates: 1/7/19 - 3/8/19 (60 Days)

- "After" pictures can be submitted from 3/8/19 - 3/11/19
Get Started!
​​ Rules 
- LIMITED TO 40 PARTICIPANTS: Don't miss out! No exceptions after slots are filled
- Contestants must be 18 or older to enter
- To be eligible for the grand prize the participant must order Shredded Meals at least 7 of 8 weeks (5 meal requirement per week.)
- To be eligible for the grand prize the participant must complete weekly check-ins at least 7 of 8 weeks
- Winner of Grand Prize will be chosen by a select committee of unaffiliated fitness professionals within Charlotte 
-DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF for results. We highly recommend a consistent and balanced diet throughout the 8 weeks with a max target weight loss of 20 Lbs or less depending on the individual
-Before and after photos must be in an approved format (instructions will be sent to you by e-mail.)